Mountain huts in the Rauris Valley

Here you will find a list of all the mountain huts in the Rauris Valley!

The wealth of alpine huts has a long history in the Rauris Valley. Nearly no other valley offers such a variety of huts as the Rauris Valley. We've compiled a list of many of these huts for you to aid in your decision.

Berggasthof Karalm
Familie Langreiter | "Gaisbachtal"
Opening hours: open from Mother's Day until October
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6303

Cozy alpine inn in the beautiful Gaisbach valley featuring products from our own farm and hunting. Family Langreiter Altitude: 1420m

Berggasthof Kreuzboden
Familie Leiner | "Kreuzbodenhütte"
Opening hours: Daily from May until October
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6496 |
A leisurely walk up to the 1,275 m high Kreuzboden hut. In winter, this trail is a floodlit toboggan run and in summer a top destination for hikers of all ages. Besides local food there is also a playground for the younger guests. Located directly on the 'Kreuzboden' slope.
Gotthard Prantner
Opening hours: May 22 until the end of September
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6501 | Website Bräuhütte Krumltal

Mountain hut products produced at our own farm! Butter, cheese and buttermilk are made as well. Cows, horses, pigs, sheep, chamois, marmots and goats can be seen! The Kruml valley is also referred to as the "Geier valley". There is also a vulture observatory near the hut which is run by the WWF. Bearded and bald vultures can be seen by telescope from this WWF station!

Fam. Schwaiger | "Schrieflingbauern"
Opening hours: From the begining of june until mid September
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 7155 |
In operation since the summer of 2008. Located on the hills of the Schrieflingbauern, here you can view the beauties of the Rauris valley.
Fam. Mayr | "Rauriser Urwald"
Opening hours: Open from mid June until September 20th
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 7333 | Website Durchgangalm
Our hut lies at 1,742 meters in the Hohe Tauern National Park at the foot of the Sonnblick - a hiking paradise for all ages. The "Rauris Jungle' is only a 5 minute walk from our hut.
Fam. Resch | "Talschluss von Rauris"
Opening hours: From June 20 until September 20
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 7186 |
The Erlehenalm is located in the Rauris valley at 1,640 m above the Ammererhof.
Opening hours: From the end of June until mid September
From the Frohnwirt follow north passed the sawmill approx. 500m on the H path. A fairly steep climb over the Steinalm to the Feldereralm. 
Opening hours: open from mid June
Located in the Rauris valley Hohe Tauern National Park, in operation from the end of July until early September, hut-made pasture produced milk, butter, cheese. Altitude: 1742 m
Opening hours: From June 1 until mid September

The starting point is Vorstanddorf. From here it is about a 3-hour hike to the Flatscheralm where traditional hut snacks await.

Altitude: 1607m

Fam. Ennsmann
Opening hours: From mid June until the end of September
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 433 52 36
In operation since 2006. The Gainschniggalm is about a 30 minute hike from the Lenzanger parking lot. It offers an enchanting view of the surround 3,000m.
Gasthaus Fuschlacke
Opening times: Open between May 1 and the end of October
Tel.: +43 (6545) / 6779 | Website Gasthaus Fuchlacke
The cozy hut often serves a wide variety of events and can accomodate up to 50 guests. Have your next celebration here or come as part of a hiking excursion. The view is sure to make you forget your daily stress. Our inn has a very homey atmosphere and is ideal for children's birthday parties or other family gatherings and company parties! Our specialty is a meal served out of one enormous pan. The Haslinger Family and Morfi, our marmot, are looking forward to welcoming you!

Opening times: Open from May 22 until the end of September
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6230 |

There are many things to see on the way to the Golllehen hut. The Seidlwinkel valley offers its richest flora and fauna in early summer when everything is in full bloom. This hut also offers creature comforts and homemade products.
Barbara Rathgeb | "Forsterbachtal"
Opening times: Open from mid June
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6596
Break station in the Forsterbach valley. Offers products from the farm.
Heimalm Rauris
Opening times: Same as the ski lift | Website Heimalm Rauris
Our alpine style chalet was continuously expanded over decades and today offers a refuge for skiers and hikers alike. Adventure - Children's playground exhibition: "The Rauris Gold Mountain". Discover the Pinzgauer specialties and other delicacies of our local cuisine.
Opening times: not managed
A sunny and serpentine trail takes you from the Palfneralm to the Hirzkaralm in about 1 1/2 hours. There is a flat pasture west of the cottage where children can safely play. The view of the Rauris Miterkamm is particularly impressive.
Hofmann Alm
Familie Franz | "Forsterbachtal"
Opening times: Open only to groups upon request
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6206 | Website Hofmann Alm
One of the best kept secrets in the Forsterbach valley - one of the most tranquil valleys in Rauris is waiting for you to discover it. The Hofmann Hut, managed by the Hutter family, is located at 1400m altitude. This is a great place to rest, regenerate and enjoy the unique flair of the cottage. Relax on the terrace and take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool while taking in the breathtaking surroundings. 

Jausenstation Kohlhub
Opening times: Open until Pentecost. Closed on Wednesdays
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6365

A typical, well-kept farm in a quiet, sunny location. Cyclists are welcome! Ample parking is availalbe, a large sun terrace, ski bus stop, petting zoo and snacks.
Jausenstation Rindsleiten
Opening times: Open until November 1. Closed on Tuesdays.
Tel.: +43 (6649) / 377884
Snack hut located in a peaceful location on the hillside with wonderful views. Products from our farm.
Opening times: From late June until mid September
The Lerchegg hut is a simple hut with spectacular views
Altitude: 1892m
Opening times: From Pentecost until the end of September
The Litzlhof hut is located at 1,727m altitutde in Woerth - Seilwinkl valley. You can park your car in the parking lot (Fleckweide) and hike 3 1/2 hours to our pleasant hut.
Huber Theo
Opening times: From mid June until September 20
Tel.: +43 (664) / 2310016
A quaint hut with a small pond! The ideal destination for the whole family. A very special experience for children!
Altitude: 1220m
etra Feistritzer und Thomas Rieder | "Kolm Saigurn"
Opening times: From July 1 until Septmeber 20
Tel.: +43 (644) / 9143440
From the Ammererhof in Kom Saigurn uphill through the forest. The path is manageable until the Nidersachsenhaus and leads over wide pastures to the ridge of the Riffelscharte - where the Niedersachsenhaus is located. 
Opening times: From May 12 until the beginning of October. Closed on Tuesdays
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6589 | Website Palfingerhof
Enjoy yourself at the Palfinger hut! Our cozy, family-run inn is managed with much love and care and has something for everyone. Be it our own trout pond, barbecue evenings on the terrace, or the snack hut - this is a very inviting place. A quiet, sunny spot marks the Palfinger hut. We offer regional cuisine with homemade pastries, bread and local delicacies. Our tip: cold-cuts served a wooden platter with schnapps.

Palfneralm (Gruberalm)
Opening times: From May 20 until mid October
Tel.: +43 (664) / 5424440 |

The Palfner hut is a very popular destination. Situated at 1330m altitude in the Hohe Tauern National Park, this hut (managed by the Woelfler family) is a dream in the summer months. It can be reached through Rauris Woerth or by descending the Gross Glockner. Visit this quaint hut in the middle of the Seidlwinkl valley. Children will love the ponies, cows, calves and piglets.
Panoramaalm - Mitterasten
Opening times: From May 22 until September 20
Located at 1,860 m altitude, this hut has been in operation since 2008 and offers a breathtaking panorama view of the Hohe Tauern. The hut is accessible from three different starting points:
- Kolm-Saigurn (2h by foot)
- Bodenhaus through Jägersteig (1 hour by foot)
- Bucheben (3 hours by foot)
Familie Baldauf
Opening times: not in operation
The Baldauf family began operation of this hut in 2003. It is closed, but available to groups upon request!
Tel: 6575
Altitude: 1494m
Rauriser Tauernhaus
Opening times: From the end of May
Tel.: +43 (664) / 43 49 949
This 500-year old house is located in the romantic Seidelwinkel valley. The old hut used to serve hikers and traders seeking refuge. Features an original 'Rauchkuchl' in which cheese is still made today.
Opening times: not in operation
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 6302
A hiking destination for guests seeking comfort, rest and a snack. This hut is not in operation.
Pächter Edda und Peter Schmitzer
Opening times: From the end of June until September 28
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 1749069 |
The Rojacher hut has served as a shelter since 1899. The hut is in operation during the summer months and serves hikers on the ascent and descent! The manager, Peter, is on-site from late May until early October (weather dependant). The hut can be reached in just a few hours from Kolm-Saigurn (near Rauris) and offers plenty of beautiful views. 
Schutzhaus Neubau
Opening times: Only on weekends from mid April until the end of May. Open continuously from June 20 until September 20
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 81 81 | Website Schutzhaus Neubau
'Schutzhaus Neubau' is located in the middle of the historical sites of Goldberbaues and is the starting point for many hikes such as: Tauerngold hiking trail, Gletscherschaupfades and many more! Kitchen is open all day. Directions: Rauris - walk toward Kolm-Saigurn (parking at Lenz Anger) - from here it is a 2 hour walk past the Naturfreundehaus and the Barabara Waterfall to Schutzhaus Neubau. Alternatively, it is about a 2 hour hike through Ammererhof -Erlehenalm on the family hiking path to Schutzhaus Neubau (easy hiking). 
Familie Groder | "Bucheben"
Opening times: From May 15 until the end of October. Closed on Mondays
Tel.: +43 (664) / 8640378 |
Stadlleit'n hut is located at 1,250m altitude. In operation since 2008, but over 400 years old, the beautifully restored hut is only 70 meters above the little church of Bucheben. It can easily be reach by foot in 10 minutes. We make our own cheese in a copper kettle over open fire. Have a glass of fresh cow's milk, butter milk and a piece of freshly baked bread with Alpine butter. Those who prefer meat are welcome to try our homemade bacon and sausages.
Opening times: From mid May until mid September
Holidays in an alpine hut! We welcome you to spend your holiday here with us in the Rauris valley. We pick up your luggage by car. Wake up to the Sonnblick and Gross Ahrn every morning! We have approximately 20 horses and 40 young cattle on our pastures that cover 130 hectares. Local delicacies offered. Rest and relaxation. Very suitable for families with children.
Wastlalm (Kehrfeldalm)
Opening times: Open until the end of September
Tel.: +43 (6544) / 7026
One of the most beautiful hikes is the one from Rauris to the Wastlalm. It is located on a grassy ridge and can be reached in 2 1/2 hours by foot from Rauris.
Zittelhaus Hoher Sonnblick
"Hoher Sonnblick"
Opening times: From June 26 until October 3
Tel.: +43 (664) / 1413070 |
On this summit there is not only the Zittelhaus but also the highest meteorological station in Austria. One can observe the station in operation and enjoy a deep look at the mountain cableway station.


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